New Oriental Bilingual Live Broadcast Sales Increased By 17.77 Million In Three Days

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In just three days, the number of fans increased by 1.57 million and the sales increased by 17.77 million yuan. New Oriental, which was once suffering from the adjustment of the education and training industry, has become very popular in its bilingual live delivery room of "Oriental selection". YuMinHong led the transformed New Oriental into the field of live broadcasting and goods delivery. On November 7, 2021, YuMinHong made his first live show with goods. On December 28, "Oriental selection" was officially launched, but it was dwarfed by Luo Yonghao until the "goods + English" teaching mode was started.


On June 10, dongyuhui, an English teacher who has taught 500000 students for 8 years, introduced Wuchang rice in general and explained how to express product features in English on the whiteboard in the Oriental selection live room

On June 10 and 11, the seven or eight anchors in the Oriental selection studio were all "Bilingual with goods". They all expressed clearly and eloquently, which impressed many netizens.

This new live broadcast mode became popular in an instant. On June 11, the live broadcast of Dongfang selection was 18 hours and 17 minutes, with the highest number of online people of 88600. The estimated sales reached RMB 1992.17 million, an increase of 40 times compared with the beginning of the broadcast.

From June 9 to 11, the number of fans in the Oriental selection studio increased by 440000, 770000 and 300000 in a single day, respectively. In total, the transaction volume increased by 2.62 million yuan, 11.23 million yuan and 5.22 million yuan respectively

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