Nine Months Later, Anti Fraud Lao Chen Finally Became A "anchor"

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"Hello, I'm the anti fraud anchor. What's your anchor?" In the Tiktok live broadcast room, "enthusiastic old Chen" pursed his mouth. I don't know how many times he held his hands on both sides of his chest, straightened his chest, and constantly twisted his body from side to side. The scarlet word "catch" on his chest clothes came into the eyes of the audience. Although the words "Lao Chen refuels" in the bullet screen kept rolling, the PK bar on the top represented Lao Chen's red, but it retreated again and again.

Finally, he lost the live broadcast PK.

"Then give me some talent." The female anchor opposite said.

"My talent is bragging."

"Can you play me a piece?"

"Look at your own one," old Chen took the fan back, put his hands on both sides of his chest again, and blew a hard breath at the camera. "I blew it out. It's fake."

After listening to this joke, she barely gave two fake smiles with the female anchor "Miss crocodile" of old Chen PK, tilted her head, and after five seconds of silence, she seriously asked, "are you sure?" For this question, Lao Chen just laughed twice, waved his fan, answered "not sure" and hurriedly ended the PK.

The day after the end of the PK, the "enthusiastic old Chen" was scolded by netizens on the microblog for hot search because of this live broadcast.

Old Chen, whose full name is chenguoping, was originally an ordinary anti fraud policeman in the Haigang branch of Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau, Hebei Province. Last year, he became famous for promoting the national anti fraud app on the Internet.

Nine months ago, the serious "policeman Lao Chen", who was actively promoting the national anti fraud app, was often as stable as Mount Tai in the live PK and gently popularized anti fraud knowledge to netizens and anchors. Nine months later, he quit his police post and became a full-time anchor. However, he twisted his body with high frequency during the live broadcast and joked with the gimmicks of women's physiological characteristics. As a result, people can not help but attribute it to Lao Chen, who has no police uniform, breaking away from the shackles and revealing his true side. The real reason for resignation has also become one of the topics discussed by the public.

On the same day, chenguoping, who was criticized by netizens, burst into tears in the live broadcast, pointing out that the dozens of seconds of video circulated on the network was "maliciously edited" by people. The content of the full version is actually relatively normal, not as bad as you think.

In response, the female anchor "Miss crocodile", who was also a party, directly released a full version of the live playback on Tiktok. In this ten minute playback, although Chen Guoping did not joke about it again, he kept repeating the action of holding his hands on both sides of his chest throughout the whole process.

So, in the afternoon of June 1, Chen Guoping wore a black polo shirt with a solemn expression and apologized for what he had done on Tiktok. He reflected that he should not joke about women's physiological characteristics, and explained that he was trying to liven up the atmosphere in the live broadcasting room at that time. He did not mean to satirize or insult the female anchor.

This apology has indeed gained the recognition of some netizens. When Tiktok broadcasts PK live, it is not uncommon for the anchors to "attack" each other to liven up the atmosphere and create program effects. Apart from "enthusiastic Lao Chen" and "Miss crocodile", similar things are common in Tiktok. However, some netizens also thought that the apology was a bit embarrassing and would not pay for Chen Guoping.

Under this video, the most favorable comment is only a simple sentence - "you can't control it if you leave the Internet cafe".

After all, Chen Guoping is not the original "anti fraud old Chen".

He has quit his job and taken off his police uniform of the past 16 years. Now, it is "citizen Lao Chen" and "anchor Lao Chen" who enter the public's vision, rather than the original "police Lao Chen". He still regards himself as "anti fraud anchor" and hopes to teach his anti fraud knowledge accumulated over the years in the live broadcast.

The difference is that he began to add entertainment elements to his live broadcast. He will be more proactive in PK with the host, will find ways to live in the live broadcast like others, and will learn from Jiang Tao, who is also a net celebrity, to learn the true meaning of live broadcast. In fact, his understanding of short videos and live broadcasts has not changed since 2018 – "why does no one watch the serious dissemination of anti fraud knowledge, but everyone likes to watch the whole funny videos? It's very simple, and everyone likes the excitement."

However, all the efforts and attempts of Chen Guoping failed to bring the expected results.

As the netizen said, "you can't control it."

In fact, Chen Guoping did not immediately join the live broadcasting industry after his resignation. After becoming a policeman, chenguoping chose to leave the complex network environment for a good holiday. Therefore, he returned to his rural hometown and focused on shooting anti fraud videos on the theme of agriculture, rural areas and farmers - something he has always insisted on doing. As early as 2018, he began shooting various anti fraud short videos at his own expense with his colleagues. However, the effect of these videos is not ideal. Some netizens feel that Chen Guoping's acting skills are too awkward and the videos are not good-looking.

Unable to guarantee his income, Chen Guoping had to suspend the shooting of short plays. Not long after, we saw Chen Guoping in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province. He was invited to play a guest role in a TV series, although he was just a small character kneeling beside the protagonist with only one line. During this period, Chen Guoping participated in the shooting in the costumes of the crew of the Republic of China. During this period, he did not forget to continue to share anti fraud knowledge in the video.

However, no matter whether Chen Guoping resigned or went back to the countryside or Hengdian, the discussion around him on the Internet never stopped.

Therefore, in the cognition of many people, Chen Guoping had to resign as a policeman because of "cyber violence". Chen Guoping's statement in the live broadcast is also "worried about the negative impact on the current unit". However, many people believe that Chen Guoping's attitude is not correct, and he accidentally involved himself in the storm of public opinion, which led to such a result.

Pull the timeline forward. Before Chen Guoping resigned as a policeman, he became known all over the Internet and met two things.

The first thing is that in March, he even hosted "Cambodia 6". At that time, a news about "a young man was abducted to Cambodia to become a blood slave" was hot searched, which led to the widespread concern of netizens about Cambodian fraud related cases. Naturally, some people thought of Chen Guoping, the "anti fraud anchor" who was famous at that time. As a result, netizens suggested that Chen Guoping and the anchor "Cambodian little 6" of Tiktok come to Lianmai for a time. The latter claimed to do business in Cambodia, but many netizens suspected that he was suspected of fraud and was a "criminal" to the letter. Because of the Cambodian blood slave incident, "Cambodian small 6" was at the forefront of domestic public opinion at that time.

However, this time Lianmai didn't appear the picture that everyone expected.

During the live broadcast, Chen Guoping smiled. Although he asked a few simple questions with small eyes, he did not go further on this topic. Subsequently, Xiao 6 took the initiative to disclose his personal information including name, place of origin and ID card number to chenguoping to prove his innocence. In this case, Chen Guoping did not choose to continue to be aggressive and go deeper.

Afterwards, he gave an explanation - he believed that the evidence of the live broadcast of Lian Mai was not enough to qualify Xiao 6, and these were not what an anchor should do. Some netizens didn't approve of this explanation, so after the broadcast, he was accused by netizens as a "coward".

Second, in addition to affecting Chen Guoping's personal image, it also had a real impact on Chen Guoping's unit. At the end of March, Chen Guoping broadcast live on his personal number "Lao Chen life". In this live broadcast, he did not wear a police uniform, but entered the camera as an ordinary person. This time, he participated in the public welfare live broadcast activity of "helping epidemic prevention and control" of Tiktok. Therefore, he did not choose to turn off the reward function in the past live broadcast. As a result, a netizen named "simple" brushed 333 gifts "Carnival" in the live room at one go - this is the highest price gift on the Tiktok platform, each worth 3000 yuan. The total amount of this wave of gifts is nearly one million.

"This is China, the biggest one today... That's what." After calculating the total, Chen Guoping stuttered.

After the broadcast, although Chen Guoping soon released the corresponding donation certificate, he still failed to suppress various voices of doubt on the network. "Making millions of dollars a night when his personal account was broadcast" became a label for Chen Guoping. The voice of "anti fraud old Chen has changed" is rising one after another, and more and more people think that Chen Guoping is making money for himself by borrowing his post as a policeman. In this way, the legitimacy of Chen Guoping's "police" identity has been questioned for the first time. Countless tip offs have been dialed to Chen Guoping's public security branch one after another.

This incident has become the last straw to crush Chen Guoping.

Finally, at the end of March, chenguoping submitted his resignation report; In early April, chenguoping officially announced his resignation.

Chen Guoping, who appeared in people's vision under the name of "anti fraud police anchor", first faded away from his role as "anchor" in his spare time, but from his position as a "policeman" who had worked for 16 years in the past. He used his own experience to prove that he once said that "after becoming famous, every word he said risks being misunderstood".

In September, 2021, after the live broadcast PK was well known, Chen Guoping quickly announced that he would stop all live broadcast activities. At that time, Chen Guoping realized that with the overwhelming traffic, there were ubiquitous criticisms. Some people thought that the live broadcast would damage the serious image of the police, some people thought that Chen Guoping would say something wrong and bring negative effects to the police, and even some people threatened to "report him to the central Commission for Discipline Inspection if it was broadcast again".

He can only choose to stop broadcasting temporarily.

Even so, Chen Guoping was somewhat dissatisfied. In a later interview, he said, "why can't the police broadcast it live?"

But no one answered this question.

Not in the past, not now.

Nine months later, watching Chen Guoping apologize in the video, netizens couldn't help recalling the autumn when they first saw him. In the Tiktok live studio, on the left, is chenguoping, dressed in a blue police uniform. He has a simple face, short hair and thin Beige curtains behind him; On the right, there is the net red "rain Huatian of Xichang" in gorgeous costumes. He painted white eyebrows with makeup, and behind him were two young brothers in red robes who raised their cards.

Seeing chenguoping, who is quite different from the anchor's style, the heavily made-up "Xichang yuhuatian" was stunned in situ, tentatively approached the screen, and looked at the opposite police without expression. When Chen Guoping spoke out, he subconsciously sniffled, and then heard the classic opening line.

"Hello, I'm the anti fraud anchor. What's your anchor?"

Figure source: station B @ China Police Network

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