Qualcomm Dominates The 5g Mobile Millimeter Wave RF Transceiver Market

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Thanks to the rapid iteration of 5g and 6G communication, millimeter wave has become a major development direction of the global communication industry. Yole predicts that by 2026, the market value of AIP and millimeter wave front-end modules will reach US $2.7 billion. Strategy analytics recently released a report that Qualcomm has gained considerable revenue and market share from the 5g millimeter wave smartphone market in 2021.


According to the strategy analytics report, in 2021, the market demand for millimeter wave RF transceivers for 5g smartphones will increase significantly, and Qualcomm will occupy most of the market share.

Market share of cellular radio transceivers in 2021, source: strategy Analytics (picture source: Business Wire)

Christopher Taylor is strategy analytics RF & "The 5g smart phone millimeter wave solution requires additional RF transceivers, rather than transceivers that support the sub-6ghz band, which expands its market. As the only supplier to launch the 5g smart phone millimeter wave solution in 2021, Qualcomm has obtained most of the high added value of 5g smart phone millimeter wave components through its millimeter wave transceivers and modules," said the director and author of wireless component services (proofread / 77)

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