Sales Volume Of Automobile Manufacturers In May: FAW Volkswagen Wins The Championship Again

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It was reported on June 10 that the passenger car Association released the ranking list of manufacturers' retail sales in May. Different from last month, this time, FAW Volkswagen successfully defeated BYD and returned to the champion . Specifically, the first place is FAW Volkswagen, whose sales volume reached 150000 units in May, ranking the first, with a market share of 11.1%.


The second place is BYD. After the official announcement to stop production of fuel vehicles, the momentum has been rapid. In May, the sales volume exceeded 110000 units, a sharp increase of 159.5% year-on-year. , and the sales volume exceeded 100000 units for three consecutive months. The prospect is very good.

The third place is Geely Automobile, which used to be the top seller of its own brand in the past. Now it is a little lonely, but the volume is still strong. In May, the sales volume exceeded 73000 units.

The fourth is also an independent brand. Chang'an Automobile follows Geely, with sales exceeding 72000 units in May. With the deepening of the layout of new energy models, Chang'an Automobile still has a large room for growth.

The fifth and sixth are GAC Toyota and SAIC Volkswagen. Their sales are almost the same, with more than 70000 units.

Seven to nine are also joint-venture brands. They are SAIC GM, FAW Toyota and Dongfeng Nissan respectively, with sales falling between 55000 and 65000 units.

Great Wall Motors fell to the tenth place, with sales of only 54000 units in May, a decrease of 10 percentage points compared with the same period last year . It has to be said that there is still great pressure and crisis.

As for the 11th to 15th places, we won't show them one by one here. You can refer to the pictures by yourself.

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