What Is The "one Click Unbinding" Internet Account Function Launched By The Ministry Of Industry And Information Technology?

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It was reported on June 8 that recently, the China information and Communication Research Institute under the Ministry of industry and Information Technology launched the "one click query and unbinding service for mobile phone number registered accounts". Among them, "one click query" can view the internet account registered and bound by the mobile phone number, and "one click unbinding" provides the internet account Association of the number registered and bound before releasing the number I own.

As soon as the news came out, a large number of netizens supported it one after another. So, is this service easy to use and can it really "unbind" with one click? Sanyan finance and economics had a personal experience.

To use this service, first of all, we need to pay attention to the "No. 1 general check" under the official account of the China Academy of information and communications.

In the menu bar of official account service, there are two services, "number marking" and "number binding".

Among them, "number marking" is to solve the problem that if the user number is a "secondary number distribution" number, it is marked as the relevant information of the previous user; Or the tag display name is inconsistent with the user name.

"Number binding" provides services related to unbinding Internet accounts. Users can select "one click query" and "one click unbinding"; Among them, the "one click query" service can provide the information about the internet account registered and bound during the period when I hold the number; "One click unbinding" provides to unbind the internet account Association of the number registered before the number you hold.

To use the "one click query" function, you need to provide your mobile phone number, your name and ID number;

After that, the system will display the mobile phone number information and account opening time, and ask the user to enter the SMS verification code.

After completing the operation according to the prompt, you need to wait for 2 working days for query results.

If you want to use the "one click unbinding" service, you must also enter the mobile phone number first;

After that, the system will display the Internet services that currently support unbinding, including Weibo, Taobao, meituan, Dianping, Tiktok, today's headlines and Xiaomi ecology.

In this test, Sanyan finance randomly selected Weibo:

After that, you also need to input mobile phone number, name, ID number and other information; Finally, the system will display the mobile phone number and account opening time, and ask the user to send the verification code.

After completion as required, the system will prompt that you need to wait for 5 working days for the results.

It should be noted that, according to the service description, the "one click unbinding" service for number binding refers to providing the internet account association relationship for number registration binding before releasing the number I hold (i.e. before the number is cancelled and restarted) (the internet account bound during the period I hold the number will not be affected

According to the instructions, the Internet service associated with the "previous caller" of the mobile phone number is unbound, and the service registered by the current caller will not be affected

However, although many netizens expressed support for the service, others worried that this would lead to the disclosure of personal information.

The main problem is that to query or unbind services, you need to provide name, ID card and other information; Some netizens said that although the binding was released, the data still existed in the database, and there was no shortage of harassment and marketing.

In addition, Sanyan finance in this test, perhaps due to misoperation, caused the registration information of the meituan app account bound to one of the test mobile phone numbers to be cleared and need to be re registered. Therefore, when using the "one click unbinding" service, be sure to carefully read the instructions and service agreements to avoid unnecessary trouble**

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