Texas Zoo Caught Strange "creatures" The Government Is Looking For Answers

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Werewolf? Ghost? Pet elf? No one seems to know what the Amarillo zoo in Texas caught in the darkness of an early morning. The city is seeking help to identify the object on the other side of the fence from an unclear still photograph. If you look closely, it seems to be human, with two legs and two arms, but everything is very vague.


The pictures shared by the city came from 1:25 a.m. local time on May 21. "Is this a man who wears a strange hat and likes to walk at night? A drobcabra? What do you think, what might this UAO -- unidentified Amarillo object be?" The city asked on social media on Wednesday.

For those who don't know it, drobcabra is a kind of creature in folklore, which is said to drink goat blood. Social media followers have come up with a variety of explanations, from Sonic the hedgehog to SM to Elvis Presley.

Michael kashuba, Amarillo's director of parks and entertainment, confirmed to the KFDA news channel that the image was indeed real. As of Thursday, the creature / object had not been confirmed.

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