The Art Drawing Of The Ancient Wolf Multiplayer Game Was Leaked And The Development Was Affected By The Call Of Duty

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I don't know if the two-hour content has been arranged too intensively. Although there were many great works at the Xbox Bethesda game exhibition this morning, the previously leaked 007 golden eye and the rumored wolf multiplayer game didn't appear. After the live broadcast, a well-informed person announced an art drawing and claimed that this was the ancient wolf multiplayer game.


The above picture is from Liam Robertson, who has long been committed to publishing the behind the scenes story of the game. According to his information, this game is the restarted version of the 2020 puzzle wolf multiplayer game Wumpa League. From the picture, you can see many characters from the puzzle wolf 4.

The ancient wolf series had a quiet period for many years, but fortunately, with the great success of the ancient wolf trilogy and the ancient wolf 4, more works have been considered in the aspect of motion vision. However, it is also reported that the new works of the ancient wolf are likely to be affected as the developer toys for Bob begins to more involve in the auxiliary development of the call to life series of games.

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