In Order To Prevent The Kindle From Becoming A Bubble Cover, I Painted It With An Android Dual System

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A few days ago, Amazon announced on its official website that it would stop the operation of Kindle e-bookstore in China one year later, that is, on June 30, 2023. Many bad friends must have known this? To tell the truth, when I first learned the news, I didn't feel much surprise, but more regret.

On the one hand, the hardware configuration of the Kindle is not top-notch. A few years ago, it may have advantages in system response speed, ink screen display adjustment, light warm and cold switching, endurance, etc.

But the times have long changed. These have now become the advantages of friends. Among the domestic brands that make ink screen readers, there are too many models with higher configurations at the same price for us to choose.

On the other hand, it's also because the Kindle's way of obtaining e-books is a little too simple in my opinion. In addition to downloading directly from Amazon, it's somewhat troublesome for us to channel resources from other channels to the Kindle.

In contrast to other friends and merchants, the open system determines that we can download the e-books we want to read from various channels. If we don't read through wechat, we can read them by hand, start from the starting point or look for more. It's not too convenient to transfer books through WiFi.

So it seems that the Kindle, which has gradually lost its advantages in hardware configuration and book resources, will exit the domestic market sooner or later, but I didn't expect this day to come so soon.

The first and only ink screen reader I bought is the Kindle. Its specific model is the Kindle paperwhite 3, which has accompanied me through nearly seven years from college to work.

Don't say, this thing is very durable. I accidentally made a bright spot on the screen in the middle of the journey. After sales, I replaced an official turn over machine for free. Amazon's service is too good to say. It can definitely be regarded as first-class:

Considering that after the Kindle e-bookstore stops operating in China next year, many people will have a great chance to eat the Kindle in their hands.

So I tried to find out if there was any way to make full use of the Kindle on the Internet. I didn't think about it. I didn't know until I found out that there were so many tricks among netizens**

First of all, what netizens share most is to visit some websites through the Kindle's own browser, such as the web versions of major reading apps such as wechat reading, JD reading and palm reading bookstore.

With these websites, we can directly access third-party library resources on the Kindle, so that even if the official e-bookstore stops operating, we can still continue to find and read books on the Kindle**

However, the biggest disadvantage of reading in this way is that e-books can only be read online and can not be downloaded to the Kindle. Otherwise, the content will not be loaded. This is obviously not very convenient to go out.

Of course, when you don't read books, you can also visit the following website to turn your Kindle into a calendar clock Ornament:

Or with the help of this website, we can build the Kindle into a self-contained instant noodles cover. After all, it is more fragrant to use the Kindle to cover instant noodles~

In fact, in addition to buying books in the Kindle e-bookstore, I know that many Kindle users actually bind an e-mail on the Amazon official website, and then use the e-mail to push e-book resources.

This email push method once fed many official account that provided Book push services. For example, non member users can only push one book a day, while if you spend money to open a member, you can push ten books a day.

Unfortunately, when the Kindle e-bookstore stops operating in China next year, it is said that the e-mail book pushing function will also be closed . In the future, maybe we can only import e-books to the Kindle through the data line.

Since the e-book resources we find on the Internet are generally in TXT format, and the Kindle is not friendly to e-books in TXT format, it is common to encounter various missing words and page turning problems when reading.

Therefore, at this time, we need to use third-party tools to help us convert TXT format e-books into Mobi or azw format with better Kindle compatibility.

Among these third-party tools, cailbre has the best reputation. In addition to converting the format, it can also directly transfer the e-book resources we find on the Internet to the Kindle with one click:

But to tell the truth, whether it's pushing books through the mailbox or sending books through the computer, there are still some problems. Of course, the most portable way is that the Kindle can directly install third-party apps, so we can read whatever books we want to read**

Speaking of this, I have to mention that a long time ago, the Kindle can actually brush the system.

Although the multi view system does not support the installation of apps, it supports more formats and has more abundant Chinese resources. Therefore, many people who are not used to the Kindle's own system will consider turning it into multi view.

However, after duokan was acquired by Xiaomi, it gradually stopped the maintenance of the Kindle end. Now, the duokan system is not only unable to connect to the Internet on the Kindle end, but also the subsequent Kindle can no longer be viewed.

So now we have only one choice left, that is to brush Android for the Kindle

Now, if you go to a treasure search, you will find that many stores now provide Kindle brush service, and their pricing is surprisingly uniform, with the price generally around 160 yuan.

Originally, I wanted to find an online brush kit and brush tutorial to brush Android for my Kindle, so I could save a lot of money.

As a result, after a round of shopping, I found that the original magic modified Android compatible with the Kindle had to enter the activation code to activate, so I finally paid the money to brush the dual system on the Kindle.

The so-called dual system means that a Kindle has both Android and native systems, and can switch between the two systems.

By default, the Kindle with dual system will run the Android system by default after restarting. At this time, we can switch the system back to native by selecting "start Kindle" in eink settings:

Of course, you can also choose to delete the native system and only keep Android, or delete Android and use it back to the native system. generally speaking, the native system will occupy 1-2gb of space, and the rest will be occupied by the Android system**

Like my kindle paperwhite 3, the total capacity is only 4GB at full capacity. In addition, the system version is Android 4.4.2, so I can only download some old and simplified apps.

If you want to download apps such as kingglory and wechat on the Kindle, you can't even think about it. On the one hand, the capacity is not allowed, on the other hand, its performance is so weak that even opening quarks will flash back...

However, this Kindle is more than enough to run reading apps such as multi reading, wechat reading, JD reading, starting point reading, etc. I hardly met Caton when reading in these apps**

Many poor friends may also be concerned about whether the Kindle's battery life will collapse after brushing the Android system.

After a few days' use, I can tell you clearly that the power down speed of the Kindle under the Android system is indeed faster than that of the native system, and the battery life is almost half shortened , but it is acceptable to me.

It's said that I originally planned to buy another domestic reader, but I gave up the idea directly after I brushed Android~

If you think that the Kindle can't download third-party apps, which makes it inconvenient to find books and read books, it's really a good choice to spend 160 to brush a dual system for it.

In the final analysis, the Kindle is just a tool for reading books. As netizens have said, whether there is a Kindle or not will not make you read more or less books. What is important is reading itself.

I hope the above methods can make the Kindle continue to shine in the hands of poor friends. Thank you for watching!

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