The UK Antitrust Regulator Plans To Investigate The Dominance Of Google And Apple In The Mobile Browser Market

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On the afternoon of June 10, Beijing time, it was reported that the competition and market authority (CMA), the British antitrust regulator, said today that it planned to investigate the dominant position of Google and apple in the mobile browser market. CMA said it was currently consulting on the investigation. In addition, CMA is also preparing to investigate Apple's restrictions on cloud games through its app store app store, and take enforcement action against the payment policy of Google App store.

At the end of last month, CMA just launched its second antitrust investigation into Google's advertising business, saying that Google may distort competition and illegally favor its own services. Prior to this, CMA has investigated an online display advertising service transaction between Google and meta, the parent company of Facebook.

In fact, as early as a year ago, CMA had been on Apple And Google's concern about excessive control over operating systems (IOS and Android), app stores (app store and play store), and web browsers (Safari and chrome).

Andreacoscelli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CMA, said at the time: "apple and Google have a firm control over how we use mobile phones. We are worried that this will lead to millions of people in the UK losing their choice."

In addition to the UK, many governments around the world are strengthening the supervision of American technology giants and have conducted a number of investigations on their market positions. Last year, CMA also created a special digital market department to prevent Google and Facebook from using their dominant position to crowd out small companies and put users at a disadvantage.

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