The Windows 11 Taskbar Is Testing The Introduction Of A New Search Bar

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In the newly obtained windows 11 preview version, dev channel users have introduced a new search bar in addition to the tab options and new sidebar available in the file manager The netizen Rafael Rivera found that a new search bar was introduced into the latest Windows 11 build 25136, and a search button was placed in the lower left corner of the screen next to the weather widget


This function is disabled by default. Users need to use the vivetool application to enable it manually. However, it should be noted that there are certain operational risks in enabling this. Please decide whether to try:

1. From github Download the vivo tool from the and unzip it to any path you like

2. Run the command prompt as an administrator and use the CD command to go to the folder with vivetool. For example, CD c:vivetool.

3. Type vivetool addconfig 37010913 2 and press enter

4. Restart the computer to apply the changes

It is worth noting that in windows Enabling hidden experimental features in the preview version may cause serious damage to your installation. In addition, Microsoft's experiment does not mean that the company plans to send them to all users in the stable channel. At some point, after collecting enough feedback, Microsoft can change its mind and completely remove a specific function from the operating system.

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