There Is A Bug In Windows 11 RTM: The Qualified Device Display Does Not Support Upgrading

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After many guesses, Microsoft recently confirmed that build 22621 is the RTM version updated by windows 11 22h2 Subsequently, Microsoft also released build 22621 to users of the release preview channel. Although this version only lists a few known problems, it seems that this version brings back a fixed windows 11 security related error

Nekrosoft13, a member of Neowin forum, fed back that he had several PCs that met the upgrade conditions, but when trying to upgrade this version, he was in windows The device security page of security settings displays an error reminder of "standard hardware security not supported".

This is not an example, because many users complain about such errors in build 22621 in the feedback hub. As mentioned above, this error is not new. Microsoft has earlier fixed this problem with build 22000.100, just as the company promised in the feedback center thread.

For "standard hardware security" in Microsoft's mouth, it means that your device supports memory integrity and kernel isolation, and also has:

● TPM 2.0 (also known as your security processor)

● safe start enabled

● dep (data execution protection)

● UEFI mat (memory attribute table)

However, when the user PC does not meet one or more of these requirements, the standard hardware security does not support functions will be displayed. However, in the case of this error, even if the condition is met, it will show that it is not supported.

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