Today Is The 9th Anniversary Of Shenzhou 10's Expedition Into Space

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According to @ our space official's wechat message, today is the 9th anniversary of China's Shenzhou 10 space mission. On june11,2013, three astronauts, niehaisheng, zhangxiaoguang and Wang Yaping, flew the Shenzhou 10 manned spacecraft and set out for space from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center**


On June 26 of the same year, the spacecraft's return capsule safely returned to the main landing site in central Inner Mongolia.

During the 15 day in orbit flight, the Shenzhou 10 crew successfully completed technical tests such as automatic rendezvous and docking with Tiangong-1 and spacecraft flying around.

On June 20, with the close cooperation of niehaisheng and zhangxiaoguang, Wang Yaping also successfully completed the first space teaching in China**

According to the data, Wang Yaping was the lecturer, niehaisheng cooperated, and zhangxiaoguang was the cameraman. He demonstrated several physical experiments to the ground class, showing the phenomena of objects in the weightless environment in space.

A total of 60million primary and secondary school students watched it synchronously through TV broadcasting, shared cosmic knowledge, realized the seamless cooperation among the aerospace engineering field, the science popularization community and the education community in cultivating young people, and accumulated experience for the follow-up construction of the space station project.

At the same time, the Shenzhou 10 mission has achieved a series of victories in China's manned space missions, marking a successful conclusion to the first phase of the second step of the project and laying a good foundation for the construction of the follow-up manned space station.

Marked by the success of the Shenzhou 10 mission, China's manned space project will enter the stage of manned space station construction

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