It Is Said That Extreme Speed 8 Will Appear At The Xbox Press Conference And Be Available In The Spring Of 2023

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The xbox+b press conference will begin in the early morning of the day after tomorrow. Players have high expectations for this conference. According to Tom Henderson, a well-known uncle, Microsoft will announce the DLC "Hot Wheels" of extreme racing: Horizon 5 at this press conference. In addition, it will also make public extreme racing 8 for the first time, which will be sold in the spring of 2023.


If extreme racing 8 really plans to be released next spring, foreign media speculate that the DLC "Hot Wheels" of extreme racing: Horizon 5 may be released this autumn to fill the gap.

Of course, for the rest of this year, Microsoft may have other arrangements, such as the rumored war machine collection and project Indus.

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