Toshiba Introduces Five New MOSFET Gate Drive ICs

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Toshiba electronic components and memory Co., Ltd. (Toshiba) announced today that it has added five new products suitable for mobile electronic devices such as wearable devices to its tck42xg series MOSFET gate drive IC products. The new products of this series are equipped with overvoltage locking function, which can control the gate voltage of external MOSFET according to the input voltage.

The new products specifically include "tck420g" for 24V power line; "Tck422g" and "tck423g" for 12V power line; "Tck424g" for 9V power line; And "tck425g" for 5V power line. Together with the "tck421g" for 20V power line, it forms a complete product line.

After the introduction of these five products, the tck42xg series now allows users to choose between 10V and 5.6v gate source voltages, which covers MOSFETs of more specifications. With a variety of detection voltages of input overvoltage locking function, the product can be used for 5V to 24V power lines. If used in combination with external back-to-back MOSFETs, they are also suitable for configuring load switch circuits or power multiplexer circuits with reverse current blocking function. In addition, its built-in charge pump circuit supports a wide input voltage range from 2.7V to 28V. Therefore, after intermittent operation, it can provide a stable voltage between the gate and source of external back-to-back MOSFET - this method allows large current switching.

Tck42xg adopts wcsp6g packaging, which is one of the smallest packaging types in the industry. It helps wearable devices, smart phones and other small devices to achieve high-density mounting, so as to reduce their size.

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