Why Did You Announce Your Withdrawal From All Social Platforms? LuoYongHao: He Is Naughty By Nature And Has No Words To Hide

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Late last night, Luo Yonghao wrote on his personal social account that he would quit all social platforms and start a business. LuoYongHao said that it has been 13 years in the blink of an eye. Time flies. There are still a lot to say. Why did you suddenly announce "withdrawal"? A few days ago, LuoYongHao talked about the reasons for quitting the social platform in an interview.


LuoYongHao said that when making hammer technology, because of my personal influence, I did many things for the company that are difficult for other entrepreneurs, such as the benefits in marketing and public communication. However, the benefits of this personal influence have increased the company's score, and correspondingly, I have decreased my score because of my personal character shortcomings**

*"I am a naughty, outspoken and aggressive person. After I became the person in charge of the company, I often failed to restrain myself and caused a lot of unnecessary trouble for the company. * if the general ledger is calculated, it may even be unclear whether my personal influence will increase or decrease the overall score of the company." LuoYongHao said.

In addition, in the interview, Luo Yonghao also said frankly that he actually has serious social fear, so if possible, don't hope to live a quiet life for a few years.

It is worth mentioning that this afternoon, Luo Yonghao again posted a farewell message on his microblog: "thank you for your nearly 13 years of company on the microblog. This is an endless dark journey and a bright journey full of warmth, joy, happiness, friendship and true love. I will spend the rest of my life and always remember the latter."**

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