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Today, Microsoft announced updates to its notepad and media player applications The former brings native support for arm devices, while the latter optimizes performance for large media. However, this update is currently only available to dev channel's windows insider project members. Interested users can have a hands-on experience.


Notepad application adds native support for arm

In 11.2204 and later versions, the notepad application adds native support for arm, which means that users using ARM architecture devices can obtain better performance. The improved performance is not limited to arm64 users. In 11.2205 and later versions, users can get a smoother experience when scrolling and replacing a large amount of text.

Microsoft has invested in accessibility. Version 11.2204 has better support for screen readers, text zooming, access keys and other similar technologies for all channels. At the same time, version 11.2205 also provides users on dev channel with more unspecified enhancements.

Media Player

In terms of media player, it mainly provides performance improvements for large media collections. You can also sort the songs in your collection by the date they were added. These two changes currently only apply to users running version 11.2205 on dev channel. However, all insiders can now enjoy CD playback support.

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