Zero Run C01 Show Automatic Parking Technology Results In Embarrassment, Forcing The Rear Car To "rear End"

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A few days ago, a video uploaded by netizens showed that it was suspected that the salesperson was showing the automatic parking technology of zero running C11, and set the vehicle to park in the parking space unattended.

At first, Zero run C11 was online, and the vehicle was easily driven into the parking space in a few directions, but then an embarrassing scene occurred, the vehicle couldn't stop. After the tires blocked the parking space, it directly hit the rear vehicle, forcing the rear vehicle to "rear end"**

It is understood that Zero run C11 was officially listed in September last year, with a subsidized price of RMB 159800-199800, which is very cost-effective.

It is officially announced that the Zero run C11 supports the intelligent ADAS system, and is equipped with the self-developed leap pilot intelligent driving system, which can realize the nearly L3 level automatic driving function**

However, if the performance of automatic parking is as seen in the video in the article, it can be proved that there is still much room for improvement in the automatic driving assistance ability of zero running C11.

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