46 Year Legendary Graphics Card Matrox Never Stops Running Gta5 Without Pressure

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Is there a PC old bird? Do you remember the name Matrox? Although it has long been far away from the 3D game graphics card market, this "veteran" who has fought with 3dfx, NVIDIA and ATI for 46 years has not disappeared from the market, but has moved to professional markets such as codec cards, frame capture devices, 2d/3d deep learning image software and multi screen treasure.


A few days ago, foreign up owners found a C420 graphics card launched by Matrox in 2014. Its GPU core actually comes from AMD, code named Cape Verde, and is a product under the gcn1.0 architecture.

Cape Verde is a product released by AMD in 2012, hatching radeon HD 7750, radeon R7 250x and other models.

In terms of specifications, C420 has 512 stream processors, 2gb/4gb gddr5 video memory and 128bit wide. However, due to 300MHz locking of GPU main frequency, the power consumption of the whole card is only 15W.

However, in line with the principle of not tossing and feeling uncomfortable, the up master inserted it into the Raptor 73700x host and lit it up smoothly. The driver self identification was updated to crimson 17.7, and successfully supported dx12, OpenGL 4.4 and opencl1.2**

Let's look at the results of several games. Gta5 has an average of 37fps under 720p normal special effects, and laokun 5 has 40fps.

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