JD Airlines Submits The Formal Application For Certification To CAAC

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On June 10, entrusted by the East China Administration of civil aviation, Jiangsu regulatory bureau of civil aviation held a pre application and formal application meeting for the operation qualification certification of CCAR-121 Department of Jiangsu Jingdong Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. this meeting was held by Jiangsu regulatory bureau in an innovative way, which was carried out online and offline.

Conference photo

JD Airlines submitted the formal application letter and application documents to CAAC

The members of the validation leading group of East China bureau gave remote guidance to the work at the Shanghai venue. The personnel of Jiangsu regulatory bureau and JD Airlines attended the meeting in the emergency meeting room of the AOC Hall of JD airlines. At the meeting, JD airlines reported on the preparation of the company and the preparation of CCAR-121 operation qualification certification, read out the formal application letter, and submitted the formal application letter and application documents to the Bureau.

Jiangsu Jingdong Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. CCAR-121 department operation qualification pre application and formal application meeting (the pictures in this article are provided by Jiangsu civil aviation regulatory bureau)

The Jiangsu regulatory bureau introduced the preparation of the Bureau's preliminary review and the follow-up review plan. Haojunqing, deputy director of the Bureau, said that as the first 121 local airlines operating in Jiangsu, the establishment of JD airlines will fill the industry gap of Jiangsu civil aviation and improve the air cargo support capacity of Jiangsu Province, which is of milestone significance to the economic development and civil aviation development of Jiangsu Province. As the deputy leader of the validation leading group, LV Yi, director of the flight standards division of East China Bureau, put forward requirements for the validation of JD airlines on behalf of the validation leading group of East China Bureau. First, taking the validation as an opportunity, carefully study, understand and strictly abide by 121 regulations and various company manuals approved by the CAAC, and be a "manual company and standard company". Second, the company's new start-ups come from a wide range of sources. They must implement the main responsibility of the company for safe operation and the post responsibility of employees in strict accordance with the rules and regulations. After the manual document is initially approved by CAAC, the company will formulate a specific training plan and improve the training standards in combination with its own actual situation. Thirdly, the company has cultivated, established and implemented the hierarchical management and control of safety risks and hidden danger screening mechanism throughout the company, established the concept of system safety, and implemented the dual prevention mechanism. The company must make unremitting efforts from the aspects of system, management, training, procedures and so on, move forward the safety gate, and prevent trouble before it happens. Fourth, JD Airlines is the first local airline in Jiangsu Province. The Bureau's supervisors should closely cooperate with the company, strengthen communication and make full cooperation based on the principle of "supervision, coordination, service and guidance", so as to ensure that JD airlines can complete the operation qualification certification with high quality and lay a solid foundation for sustainable and safe operation in the future.

JD Airlines promises that it will always strictly abide by the civil aviation laws and regulations, do a solid job in preparation for the construction, and go all out to sail as soon as possible. We will implement the 12 character policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", ensure safe production, and strive to grow on the basis of safe operation.

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