A Journey To Capture The Beauty Of Daocheng Yading Details

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What do you imagine summer to be like? Having a trip to say goodbye is what makes a life a full summer. Go somewhere refreshingly secluded and quietly enjoy the flavors of summer.

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All the details need an eye that can find beauty in Daocheng Yading, a paradise hidden between mountains and waters. It is located in a quiet and peaceful town, refreshing and comfortable in the high summer season. Fall in love with it with just one glance, and you'll be hooked.

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In summer, there is an occasional drizzle in Inacheng Daocheng Yading, and the rain nourishes the living creatures here. In the drizzle of Daocheng Yading, it does not look humid but more fresh and has a kind of hazy beauty. In such weather, staying in a characteristic house, looking through the window at the drizzle of Daocheng Yading, and drinking a cup of rich ghee tea, a sense of comfort arises.


When the mountain dense fog, hazy like a ribbon wrapped around the mountainside, such as a light gauze, floating in the mountains. At one time the whole valley appeared more immortal, as if a natural ink painting.


When the sunlight spills over the peaks, the white snow-capped mountains refract a golden light, and the beauty of that sunlit mountain is its own unique sense of shock. Like a warrior clad in golden armor, it stands in the distance, guarding the creatures it loves.

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When the breeze blows the surface of the lake and the sunlight covers the water, that swirls and ripples in circles, all in dazzling sparkling waves. The sea is silently hidden between the mountains and forests, shining with blue light. That pure blue, deep and quiet, giving a sense of mystery.

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When the leaves are dappled into shadows, you will find that every corner of Daocheng Yading is a beautiful picture. The shadows are shifting and swaying, and the flowers have blossomed all over the hillside. It is a paradise for the eyes and a sanctuary to escape the summer heat.

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This journey, use your eyes to see the beauty, and then discover the beauty revealed in those details!

Tips For Scenic Spot Tour Scenic spot tour warm tips 1. Daocheng Yading scenic area is located in the plateau, the weather is volatile, please prepare cold clothing, anti plateau hypoxia drugs, sunscreen supplies and rain gear; drink more water, avoid strenuous exercise. People suffering from heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high myopia and other disease history caution to go.

  1. In accordance with the safety management requirements of scenic spots, visitors are prohibited from bringing fire sources (lighters, matches, etc.) into the scenic spots; bringing civilian unmanned aerial vehicles, pets, etc. into the scenic spots is prohibited; entering non-excursion areas is prohibited, and camping in the scenic spots is strictly prohibited; during the tour, do not tease wild animals to prevent bites.
  2. During the tour, please do a good job of personal protection, strictly implement preventive and control measures such as sweeping the code, body temperature detection, wearing a mask, maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter, and obey the management of the staff of the scenic spot.
  3. Do not believe in "low-priced tour group" "professionals to lead the way" "enthusiastic recommendation of the hometown", beware of the black guide black dealer trap.

Scenic consultation phone: 0836-6966022. complaint phone: 0836-6966021.

Rescue phone number: 0836-6966027 (duty office), 13684498848.

Special Tips For Challenge TourChallenge Tour (challenge line) tour special tips Daocheng Yading scenic area milk sea, five-color sea area altitude of 4500 meters above sea level, oxygen thin, the weather is variable, plus the tour need to hike the whole (round trip about 10 km), some tourists easy plateau reaction resulting in physical discomfort, for your health and safety considerations, it is recommended that For the sake of your health and safety, it is recommended that the following people should not go there.

  1. Patients with heart, brain and blood vessel diseases and hypertension.
  2. Persons with altitude sickness, mental disorders, fear of heights.
  3. Pregnant women in the early and late stages of pregnancy and persons with reduced mobility.
  4. Patients with lung diseases, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  5. The elderly and less fit persons are advised not to visit the area.
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