Former British Legislators Asked Twitter To Remove Its "Russian Official Media" Label, And Musk Mocked In Russian

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It has been more than two months since twitter officially labeled "Russian official media". George Galloway, a former British congressman, has been running around and calling. He has launched a libel lawsuit against twitter and kept posting to ask twitter officials to remove the label as soon as possible**

On June 10, Galloway waited for the reply of elonmusk, who had previously announced the acquisition of twitter. Musk "apologized" in Russian: "sorry, comrade( прости товарищ) ”, Alluding to Galloway's Pro Russian stance.


It is reported that Galloway had previously cooperated with Russian media rtuk and Sputnik. He publicly criticized NATO on the topic of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, saying that it was a serious mistake for NATO to fill Ukraine with NATO weapons, mercenaries and propaganda

After western countries such as Britain and the United States imposed sanctions on Russia, RT, satellite news agency and other Russian media were banned from broadcasting in the United Kingdom. Galloway was also labeled "Russian official media" by the twitter official on April 6 because of his cooperation with these Russian media and his criticism of NATO.

Galloway was very dissatisfied with this. He said he was not a "Russian state media" and did not work for the Russian media. When he previously cooperated with rtuk and Sputnik, these media were all legally operated and publicly broadcast programs in the UK, and his twitter account was not labeled as "Russian official media"; Now these Russian media have been banned by the British government, and their own programs have been stopped. On the contrary, Twitter has not spared, "additional" has been labeled with this label.

Galloway repeatedly tweeted that he was dissatisfied and asked twitter officials to remove the label as soon as possible, but twitter did not respond.

On May 25, Galloway announced on twitter that he had filed a libel lawsuit against twitter in Dublin high court that day because twitter marked his account as "Russian official media". Galloway also said that the twitter platform illegally processed his personal data by labeling and reviewing his account.

Galloway said in a statement that Twitter "labeling its honest political views as unjust is a new McCarthyism, and it must be held accountable."

The twitter side still turned a deaf ear to this, neither responded to Galloway's prosecution, nor removed the label of "Russian official media" on Galloway's Twitter account.

On June 10, Galloway wrote again: "the label on this tweet is a lie." He successively named the official twitter account, "Twitter official authentication" account and the account of musk, who had previously announced the acquisition of twitter.

Musk used Russian to "apologize": "sorry, comrade." Alluding to Galloway's Pro Russian stance.

Musk's teasing attracted many netizens' ridicule. Some people joked that it was "the greatest tweet in history". Others said: "you must admit, it's funny."

"George Galloway has been complaining about the description of 'Russian official media' on his twitter account for several weeks, and has repeatedly called on musk. Musk finally responded. Let me be the first to say: ha ha ha ha ha."

Many netizens also stood up to speak for Galloway.

"Twitter is an American company with an international user base. It will always support nationalism in western countries."

"You will never see the label 'official media of the US government' on any political experts and 'journalists' who cover the Biden government."

Someone comforted Galloway: "this should be an honor... It would be a serious insult to have the label 'UK / US national official media'."

Some people directly use the P chart to label the official twitter account as "official media of the United States".

In April, musk reached a $44billion acquisition agreement with Twitter, but he then threatened to give up the deal because twitter refused to provide information about spam and false accounts.

On June 8, local time, the Washington Post quoted informed sources to report that after several weeks of deadlock, the board of directors of twitter plans to comply with Musk's requirements and provide access to all its "firehouse" databases, that is, publish more than 500million tweets every day.

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