Microsoft Releases Office Insiders Preview Build 15402.20002

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For Windows users who have registered office insider beta, Microsoft today released office insider preview build 15402.20002. This update adds some new features to office suite and excel, and introduces important fixes to outlook.

The latest version of office Allow users to add SketchUp files to your office work. This means that it is now easier to create shareable conceptual designs, such as full texture building models and other drawings used in industrial and product design, as well as civil and mechanical engineering.

Excel has a noteworthy new feature in this update. With the new "data from picture" feature, users can now take pictures of information and import it into your worksheet. You can go to the data tab and select "from picture", and then select the source; If necessary, you can also view and correct the data before inserting it into the worksheet.

In addition, the new shared with me list makes it easier for users to find key documents in visio. To try this feature, simply click the Home tab or the open tab and select shared with me.

In related news, Microsoft introduced a redesigned dictation toolbar to improve efficiency and a more concise appearance. The company also released voice dictation in OneNote, more optimized Microsoft Excel, etc. Recently, Microsoft Office also added the ability to collect 5million replies on one form.

To update Microsoft Office insider preview build to the latest version, open any office programs and go to the file > Account > Update options > Update now.

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