LuoYongHao: If I Were The Person In Charge, I Could Make Apple Products Go Up More Than Three Steps

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It was reported on June 10 that LuoYongHao, CEO of hammer technology, talked about Apple in the live broadcast room, saying if I were to be their product leader, the company would certainly benefit countless people and go up more than three steps** Luo Yonghao also said that I don't have to be my own boss. The problem is that Apple doesn't come, so I can only find a way to buy them. If you can't accept it, you have to have an ideal. Otherwise, it's different from salted fish.


According to public reports, Luo Yonghao hinted more than once that "Apple There is no innovation in the company ", previously, I used my microblog to satirize iphone 13 series mobile phones: "the next generation is when two cameras rotate 45 degrees? If it is really my subsidiary, I will certainly dismiss all product managers and designers.".

Just this month, Luo Yonghao really commented on the new products released by apple on WWDC and the IOS 16 system, saying that this year they were a bit free, copying fourorfive at one go. It's unnecessary to see some hammer friends indignant.

In those years, jobs did so many product innovations. In the middle of the difficult decades, he was also regarded as a fool by snobs. WebOS was copied by apple, but people today don't even know its existence.

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