Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4/z Flip 4 Will Add "sliding Split Screen" Function

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According to foreign media reports on June 13, recently, according to @ice universe, a successful whistleblower who has predicted many times, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4 and Galaxy Z fold 4 will add the "sliding split screen" function. Currently, for the cash Galaxy Z flip 3 and Galaxy Z fold 3, users must open the task switcher view, click the application icon, and then select multiple windows as an option to split the screen.


In other news, according to the latest rumors, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4 and Galaxy Z fold 4 are expected to arrive on August 10. The smart watch Galaxy watch5 will appear in three sizes: 40mm, 44mm and 46mm pro.

In terms of body color matching, the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4 will provide three colors: phantom black, green and beige. Galaxy Z flip 4 will be available in graphite, lavender, pink gold and blue. In addition, a Samsung Galaxy S22 model in lavender color will be launched.

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