The File Manager Tab Is Really Coming. A List Of New Windows 11 Features

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As we know, a new feature worth looking forward to in Windows 11 this year is the new tab support for file manager. Now Microsoft has pushed the preview version of windows 11 build 25136 for dev users in the insider channel. In this version, the file manager tab really comes!

It is understood that windows 11 build 25136 does not contain a large number of new functions, but it supports the highly anticipated file manager tab, which has attracted a lot of attention. Previously, although windows has improved many functions of the file manager, such as the integration of onedrive and more modern ribbon design, many people regret the lack of tab features. Now, this regret has been made up.

Microsoft officially said that the file manager tab will not be released to the public immediately. This function is not ready for everyone. Currently, it hopes to test it only in a small group of users.

The file manager tab is a feature that Microsoft has tried to implement in windows since 2017. In 2017, Microsoft tried to introduce the "windows sets" function into windows. It can add new tab support features in all windows 10 applications, including settings, control panel and file manager. However, Microsoft canceled the project. Windows sets is dead, but Microsoft redesigned the file manager to support multiple tabs.

In addition to the file manager tab, the preview version of windows 11 build 25136 has added other features.

For example, a new sidebar is introduced into the file manager. As shown in the screenshot, a new layout is available on the left, allowing users to easily navigate to important folders. If you log in to cloud storage in Windows 11, the new file manager can also fix the commonly used onedrive directory.

In the preview version of windows 11 build 25136, the navigation pane of the file manager is also higher. For example, the windows folder will no longer be displayed under this PC, which reduces confusion and facilitates the organization of the drive view.

In addition, when accessing onedrive, the path in the address bar can now be displayed correctly, so that users can judge whether the currently accessed folder is cloud or local.

The taskbar has also been updated with dynamic widgets. Previously, the windows 11 taskbar was static, but now the widget weather can be dynamically updated. In addition, Microsoft is also exploring the taskbar to support more widget content. For example, in addition to viewing the weather, you can also see real-time updated information from sports and finance widgets. Microsoft also plans to push sudden news alerts directly to the taskbar.

Other improvements to windows 11 build 25136 are as follows:

·If the GIF expression content in the input method is found to be inappropriate, it is now supported to report it to Microsoft.

·Fixed a problem where desktop errors were detected as tablets. This error accidentally enables compact mode and disables the ability to hide checkboxes in the file manager.

·Fixed a problem that caused system_ SERVICE_ Exception error checking problem.

·Fixed a problem where the taskbar application overflowed the system tray icon.

·Fixed a problem where notifications would no longer blink when the mouse hovered over the application.

·Fixed a problem where the start menu could display only one list of recommended items.

·You can pin a large number of applications to the start menu.

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