Three Months After Its Release, Intel Arc Graphics Card Finally Supports Vulkan 1.3

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In January this year, Khronos released Vulkan version 1.3 specification, which is the first major update in two years. NVIDIA ampere, Maxwell, amd rDNA, rdna2, Intel UHD, iris Xe and other architecture graphics cards all provide support for Vulkan 1.3 for the first time. However, the arc a series sharp flash graphics card released by Intel at the end of March, which is also its first game level independent graphics card, has been absent until now.


According to the information on the Khronos official website, intel arc a series has officially supported Vulkan 1.3, including all five mobile versions of a350m, a370m, a550m, a730m and a770m

However, after a quarter, these products are still very few and incomplete in the market, and the a550m and a770m are still not heard from.

Ps:intel arc graphics card will make a big move on the 15th. Wait

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