Too Much Hype? Wall Street And Meta's Bullish Metauniverse Investors Did Not Buy It

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In the morning of June 10, Beijing time, it is reported that where is the next technology explosion point? Wall Street seems to be very optimistic about metauniverse. It predicts that the scale of metauniverse industry will reach $13trillion by the end of this decade, but investors are not convinced by Wall Street**

Andre Lin, an analyst at Citigroup, believes that metauniverse is composed of modules. Investing in these modules or in enterprises that build experiences is an early investment opportunity in the field of metauniverse. He also believes that the market size of the meta universe will reach US $8-13 trillion by 2030.

Facebook Metauniverse is very attentive. It has changed the company name to meta and the stock symbol from FB to meta.

Nevertheless, the market seems to be highly skeptical of metauniverse. Roundhill ball metaverse ETF, which aims at the theme of metauniverse, fell 39% last year, and meta's share price fell by nearly half compared with its peak in 2021.

Metauniverse has the risk of over hype, such as e-commerce in the late 1990s, the recent blockchain and marijuana. Morningstar Investment Service Analyst Ali ·Ali mogharabi believes that it is not clear whether social media users will turn to new technologies. If so, there is no final conclusion on how quickly advertisers will follow up.

Moghalabi also said: "in the future, the scale of the metauniverse will certainly become larger than now, but whether it can really replace social media, and whether users will use instagram or Facebook of the metauniverse are uncertain."

Andre Lin believes that to make metauniverse possible, some enterprises will provide pipelines and equipment, and investors can invest in such enterprises. He said: "in the short term, telecom operators and equipment providers are most worthy of investment in metauniverse, because the data usage of metauniverse will greatly increase, thus creating more revenue for these enterprises." Andre Lin mentioned T-Mobile us, Qualcomm And other enterprises.

Pedro palandrani, research director of global x, said that just like mobile technology, the application of metauniverse in some key industries will bring revolutionary effects, such as education, health care, manufacturing, job training, communication and entertainment. Palandrani believes that the transformation is long-term. The potential market size is trillions of dollars. It is good for investors to enter at any time, especially long-term investors.

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