TSMC Will Invest US $34billion In Mass Production Of 2nm Process, And Is Expected To Acquire Land For Plant Construction This Month

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On June 10, according to foreign media reports, TSMC, which has mass produced 5nm process for two years, is promoting the mass production of 3nm process. This process has been put into trial production in the second half of last year and will be mass produced in the second half of this year as planned. In addition to the 3nm process, TSMC is also planning the mass production of the more advanced 2nm process, which is planned to be mass produced in 2025**

According to foreign media reports, TSMC has recently announced that it will invest US $34billion to promote the mass production of 2nm process. They have obtained the lease license for the construction land.

In addition, foreign media reported that TSMC's senior management is negotiating with relevant parties on the land required for the construction of a 2nm process plant. More than 90% of the owners have agreed and are expected to obtain all the land required for the construction of the plant by June at the latest.

In addition to the land, TSMC 2nm process plant also needs a lot of money for the construction of the plant, but the most expensive is expected to be more high-end extreme ultraviolet lithography machines and other advanced equipment.

TSMC started to use extreme ultraviolet lithography machines from the second generation 7Nm process, and then mass-produced 5nm and other advanced process processes all need extreme ultraviolet lithography machines. They also purchased a large number of extreme ultraviolet lithography machines from ASMC, and the more advanced 2nm process will need high numerical aperture extreme ultraviolet lithography machines.

Among the TWINSCAN nxe:3400b, twincan nxe:3400c and twincan nxe:3600d extreme ultraviolet lithography machines that asmax has launched, the most advanced TWINSCAN nxe:3600d can only support the mass production of 5nm and 3nm processes at most.

According to ASMA's financial report in the first quarter of this year, they delivered three ultra violet lithography machines in the first quarter of this year, with a revenue of 594million euros, and the average price of one machine is close to 200million euros. In the future, the more advanced extreme ultraviolet lithography machine supporting 2nm process will be sold at a higher price.

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