Wei Lai Received Two Reports Of Et7 Lying Down During Driving. Official Response: Small Battery Failure

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Recently, the official of Weilai automobile disclosed that it had recently received two reports about Weilai et7's crouching during driving, and Weilai responded to them. After preliminary analysis, the reason is that the low-voltage battery charging module of the vehicle has a failure fault, which is indicated on the vehicle instrument, but it is not obvious enough, the prompt intensity is not enough to effectively guide the user to stop driving and pull over.


After the fault occurs, if the vehicle continues to drive for about 10-15 minutes, the low-voltage battery will be discharged, and the vehicle will stop driving. We have urgently developed the latest software version 1.0.1b to fix the problem. The vehicles delivered from tomorrow will be refreshed to 1.0.1b software version for delivery.

For the delivered vehicles, we will complete the filing as soon as possible and push them to you through FOTA At present, the failure of low-voltage battery charging module is a small probability, which can be identified at the vehicle end and repaired after sales

Weilai will ship back the parts as soon as possible and conduct in-depth analysis with its partners. Please also stop driving when you see the alarm related to low-voltage battery power on the instrument, and contact the exclusive group.

It is reported that the delivery of velai et7 has been started at the end of March. After a price increase, the et7 standard endurance battery pack starts at 458000 yuan and the long endurance battery pack starts at 516000 yuan; The long endurance battery pack of the first version of et7 starts from 536000 yuan.

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