NewScientists Have Developed Deep Diving UAVs To More Accurately Monitor Ocean Acidification

Nearly a quarter of the carbon dioxide produced by human activities is absorbed by the ocean, and complex chemical reactions occur in the process, making its waters more acidic. Although the impact can be measured to some extent by sensors installed on fixed buoys and ships, there has been no more accurate measurement means. However, the newly developed deep diving UAV is expected to fill this gap.

New"New Altman" Broke The Box Office Record, And Yuangu Announced The Premiere Of The First Generation Of "Altman" 4K Cinema

Not long ago, the film "new Altman" was officially released in Japan, and the results were surprisingly excellent. More than 640000 people went to watch the film in only three days, and the box office exceeded 990 million yen in three days. It is reported that the feature film "new Altman" is directed by Shinji takeguchi, and Xiuming Amano is the planner and screenwriter.

NewIn 2024, TSMC Reassessed Its Production Expansion Plan Due To Overcapacity Or Overcapacity

Since 2022, the demand for semiconductors has shown signs of decline, but the capacity expansion momentum of OEM seems unstoppable. Therefore, some people are worried that there may be overcapacity in the global OEM market in 2024. According to the electronic times, sources said that the new production capacity of OEM and international IDM will be launched successively from 2023, and the output will peak from 2024 to 2025. They warned that if demand grew less than expected, it could lead to overcapacity.

NewLinux Kernel 5.19 Will Optimize ExFAT, Ext4 And XFS File Systems

In addition to the Btrfs file system update, Linux kernel 5.19 under development also optimizes exFAT, ext4 and XFS file systems. During the consolidation window, the Linux team made it clear that it would fix multiple errors in the ext4, exFAT and erofs file systems and add some interesting features.

NewSonnet Released A New Mcfiver PCIe Expansion Card: On-board Dual M.2, 10 Gigabit Power Port + Dual Usb-c

Sonnet technologies has just launched a new mcfiverpcie expansion card. Although the height occupies only one baffle position, it is unique. It provides two m.2nvmssd slots and 10GbE Ethernet + two 10Gbps usb-c ports on the backplane interface. Through the X8 PCIe slot, the new mcfiver expansion card is not only compatible with Mac, windows and Linux platforms, but also supports the expansion system of lightning to PCIe.

NewSpaceX Satellite Chain Satellite Internet Has More Than 400000 Users Worldwide

Techweb reported on May 26 that the latest regulatory filing document submitted by SpaceX to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shows that the company's "Starlink" Satellite Internet service currently has more than 400000 users around the world. This shows that the number of users of star chain service is growing steadily, and the service began in October 2020. At the beginning of this year, the company said that the number of star chain users was about 145000. Two months ago, SpaceX claimed that the star chain had about 250000 users. These figures include both individual consumers and enterprises.