Diablo 4, Necromancer Show, Issued In 2023

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In addition to announcing at the Xbox game exhibition that "watch pioneer 2" will be launched as a free game on October 4 this year, Blizzard Entertainment also released a new trailer of "Diablo 4". The video shows the fifth and last class - necromancer, which is a typical class that fights with summoning and other dark rituals and Corpse Explosion.


Necromancer should be well known to all dark fans. He can revive skeletons, including impressive bone puppets. This exhibition also demonstrated the large-scale open world environment, a lot of bloody and fierce battles. In addition, there is the role customization section, which allows players to create their own roles.

The fortress was originally a hostile territory controlled by the enemy. Clearing them will open new towns, dungeons, etc. Local events will also occur, presenting unique stories or large world bosses that need cooperation. Of course, this is a shared world game that fully supports cross platform games. Of course, you can also play local face-to-face cooperative games. Players can also select specific PVP areas.

Full level game content also includes new dungeons, new peak content, new props and so on. Blizzard said it would continue to support the game in the next few years. Diablo 4 will be available to [xbox] in 2023( https://microsoft.pvxt.net/e4yLO ) Host and PC platform release. Please pay attention to more details.

Diablo 4 necromancer Demo Trailer

Diablo 4 new live content video

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